wots logoWoTS is the biggest technology event in The Netherlands and Arenal wants to show the newest technology to the Dutch industry.


Dutch users of analytical instrumentations are known for its critical view on new technology and as Arenal supplies over 99% of their products overseas, we look forward meeting the Dutch industry.




What can visitors on our booth expect:

  • Demonstration of the (Slurry) Density Analyser with its ceramic sensor. Arenal is the only company in the world offering ceramic ultrasonic sensors. Other try it with PEEK or PBI plastic, which is not the preferred method for abrassive slurries or chemicals.
  • Demonstration of the new (Slurry) mass flow meter. Arenal introduces a new technology for the determination of flow, density and mass flow for process pipes (>2").
  • Presentation of different mounting solutions of the mass flow Analyser.
  • Presentation of the new COD Analyser for brewery and dairy industry. Does the TOC Analyser give you headache? Choose for a better new method, based on physical properties without maintenance.
  • Presentation of the newest chemical concentration Analyser. Are you looking for the replacement of your process titrator? Step into our booth!


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