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Spool piece / saddle type

To measure the density of abrasive slurries in pipes, Arenal offers complete spool pieces with PU lining. The SPC sensor is flush mounted from the inside to outside of the pipe and fixed in a saddle type flange.
Arenal also offers spool pieces without lining for any pipe size and flange reference. In this case, the WFC probe is used and mounted from the outside to the inside of the pipe and fixed in the same saddle type flange.




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Steel wafer cell

The Steel Wafer Cell is designed for high pressure (up to 600 bar) and paste applications. Mounting isbetween the two flanges of the pipe. It is our latest technology with sensor-less configuration: there is no sensor in contact with the medium. The stainless steel cell has a wolfram carbide coating on the inside. Optionally, this system can be used to measure the wear in pipes, when it is assumed that the erosion of the pipes is similar to the erosion of the wafer cell. In any case, it does not influence the measurement of density.


standard wafer cell

Standard wafer cell

The standard wafer cell is made from UPE-1000 (high molecular weight polyurethane). It is clamped between two flanges of the pipe. This cell is designed for low pressures (up to 7 bar) and low temperatures (up to 55 °C). Wafer Cells are designed for each pipe individually, as the size of

the flanges and the inner diameter of the wafer cell must correspond. A well designed wafer does not wear out.