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All of these minerals are mined worldwide so that you can watch television, scroll on your smartphone or work on your laptop. Sustainability is a top priority for many mining companies. How can processes be optimized so that less water and energy is used to mine and process these minerals?
Arenal’s ultrasonic density and mass flow analyzers help optimize these processes. Measuring accurately is crucial to optimize any process.
Measuring the density between 70 and a 1000 times a second with a flow of 5 meter a second means measuring every grain of sand 5 times.
That is how frequent our density analyzer measures the density. To increase the durability, our probe is made of silicon carbide which is wear resistant and chemical inert.

Our technology measures the acoustic impedance of the fluid or slurry and the temperature. Because of our
automatic water calibration technology we then know all the variables needed to accurately determine the density.
Arenal analyzers are used worldwide in mining, dredging, chemical and recycling applications.

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